A wide range of Migros-sponsored events delighted both young and old in 2014. Migros also streamlined its strategic sponsorship areas in the reporting year.

Migros sponsorship for an active Switzerland

Migros' sponsorship activities in 2014 revolved around formulating the sponsorship strategy for 2015 to 2019. The strategy, which is based on the existing content, sees sponsorship mainly as a platform for marketing campaigns. The sponsorship areas were streamlined and will now focus on wrestling, fun runs and festivals, as well as families and children. Alongside developing the strategy, Migros sponsored many events which delighted thousands of visitors of all generations and encouraged Switzerland to get active.


Migros has been a partner of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) since 2007. In the reporting year, the parties agreed to continue their partnership for the ESAF 2016 in Estavayer after some intensive negotiations.

At the same time, Migros sealed a deal to sponsor the "Unspunnen Schwinget" wrestling competition, which is held in Interlaken every six years. Migros has thereby consolidated its position as the number 1 in wrestling. Migros also sponsored wrestling events in 2014, such as the traditional "Bergschwingfesten" in Schwarzsee, Rigi, Weissenstein and Schwägalp and the national wrestling insight day for children.

Fun runs

Migros and SportXX supported numerous major fun runs throughout Switzerland in 2014. The events attracted more than 230’000 participants.

Migros thereby fulfilled one of its promises made as part of the Generation M sustainability programme: to organise running events each year for more than 200'000 people. With the exercise campaign "I'M Fit", Migros is also encouraging children to take part in runs: In the reporting year, 800 school classes were given the chance to participate free of charge.


Migros is the main sponsor of Switzerland's biggest OpenAir music festivals.

In 2014, a newly designed M-Budget zone was presented at the popular festivals in St Gallen, Frauenfeld, Gurten, Paléo, Heitere and Gampel, which appeal primarily to a younger crowd. Visitors benefited from cheap food and drink, while an M-Budget shop offered a small range of essential items for everyday festival life. Alongside the traditional OpenAirs, Migros also supported events such as "Moon & Stars" and "Stars in Town", which are aimed at an older audience and focus more on the musical experience and ambience.

Families and children

In 2014, Migros offered families and children various ways to get active in their leisure time.


"As the main national sponsor of slowUp, we promise Emma to enable more than 40 million car-free kilometres by 2017."

Generation M promise


These included the traditional Grand Prix Migros, Europe's biggest ski race for children, the Lilibiggs Children's Festivals with family camping, and the car-free slowUp events. Migros and SportXX have served as the main national sponsors of the slowUp series for many years. The events are usually held over twenty Sundays and attract more than 400'000 participants. In the reporting year, Migros made a promise as part of Generation M to support the slowUp events as the main sponsor until 2017. 

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