Social Commitment

Social responsibility is one of Migros' main tasks and was firmly anchored in the company's values by Gottlieb Duttweiler. This is also reflected in numerous social commitments, not just Migros Culture Percentage.

Migros has always shown a high degree of social responsibility. As a key component of founder Gottlieb Duttweiler's entrepreneurial spirit, it actively shapes the company's identity. This attitude of "giving something back" to society is reflected most of all in the globally unique Migros Culture Percentage, which provides funding of around CHF 118 million each year. Migros also has a wide range of other commitments, such as the Migros Aid Fund for development aid projects as well as the Generation M sustainability initiative. The company's donation activities are also based on the principles of social responsibility.

The Migros Aid Fund

Be it organic cocoa cultivation in Peru, flood protection in the Bündner Oberland, solar power in Ethiopia or support for homeless children in Romania: The Migros Aid Fund has been supporting development aid projects in Switzerland and abroad since 1979, making CHF 1 million available each year.

The submissions are assessed by eight Migros delegates. In line with Gottlieb Duttweiler's vision, Migros actively helps disadvantaged people and groups of society, especially children, adolescents and women. The supported projects have a sustainable approach and follow the principle of helping people to help themselves. They usually receive between CHF 40'000 and CHF 100'000

In the reporting year, around 20 projects (including several bee projects) were supported by well-known development aid organisations or private initiatives. Because honey is being used increasingly for medicinal purposes, producers in disadvantaged countries can earn a good income from cultivating bee colonies. At the same time, sustainable beekeeping also protects the environment. In 2014, the Migros Aid Fund therefore provided financial support for honey projects in the Brazilian Amazon region and in Burkina Faso. A larger donation was made to the International Project Aid (IPA) organisation for its school renovation project in Albania, which it is planning and implementing together with young people in Switzerland.

Social promises to Generation M

The Generation M sustainability programme has dedicated a separate module to social responsibility.

Generation M was expanded in 2014, and some of the promises made to tomorrow's generation have already been fulfilled. With a total of 60 binding promises and programmes, Migros has made a commitment to society and its employees to act in a socially minded and exemplary way, protect the environment, promote sustainable consumption and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Migros Culture Percentage

Through Migros Culture Percentage, Migros invests around CHF 118 million in cultural and social projects each year. It thereby aims to "give something back" to Swiss society in the spirit of its founder Gottlieb Duttweiler.

Gottlieb Duttweiler specified Migros Culture Percentage as an independent business unit in the Migros statutes in 1957 – on an equal footing as the selling of cost-effective goods and services, and independent of the Group's profits. The Federation of Migros Cooperatives and the ten regional cooperatives undertake to make an annual contribution, which is calculated on the basis of their sales and is also paid in the event of a decline in business. CHF 122 million was again put towards this globally unique voluntary commitment in the reporting year.

Migros Donates

Migros regularly makes a commitment to helping disadvantaged people and the needy with various donation measures.

The most important charitable contributions in 2014 included:

  • CHF 2.4 million was raised by the Christmas donation campaign for people in need in Switzerland. Customers donated CHF 1'033'922, and Migros topped up the amount to CHF 1'366'078. The funds were distributed equally to the four aid organisations Caritas, Heks, Pro Juventute and Winterhilfe Schweiz. For the Christmas campaign, 23 Swiss stars recorded the song «Ensemble» composed especially for Migros.
  • With a CHF 500'000 donation to the Swiss Red Cross, Migros provided fast and uncomplicated help for victims of the devastating floods in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in May 2014.
  • In addition, CHF 663'462 worth of unsold goods from the non-food area was donated to the charity organisations AVC, Caritas, Rumänienhilfe and Winterhilfe Schweiz.
  • Food donations worth a total of CHF 791'763 went to Caritas and other aid organisations. In addition, the members of the Swiss retail stakeholder group IG DHS, including Migros, are supporting the umbrella organisation "Food Bridge" with CHF 680'000 annually over the next two years.
  • As part of its campaigns for World Animal Day, Migros donated CHF 60'000 to Swiss Animal Protection SAP, the Swiss Association of Therapy Dogs and the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach.

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