Ilse Schmid – from Grandma to Rock Star


"Music is much more fun on stage. Drums rule!"

Ilse Schmid, drummer of the band "crème brûlée"

With Migros Culture Percentage, Gottlieb Duttweiler had a unique idea that continues to have a major impact on Swiss society to this day. Whether in culture, health or education, it benefits young and old alike. Ilse Schmid is a pensioner, a grandma... and a drummer in a rock band. Together with five other grandmas, she makes up the band «crème brûlée». This is just one of the many projects that Migros Culture Percentage has made possible throughout Switzerland.

"Migros Culture Percentage gives a broad section of the population access to cultural and social projects and thereby adds value to society."

Hedy Graber, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.