Engagement Migros development fund

The Engagement Migros development fund continued its support activities in 2014 – with a focus on sustainability and design promotion.

The Engagement Migros development fund, established in 2012, stepped up its support activities in the reporting year and helped 23 projects. With Engagement Migros, complemented by Migros Culture Percentage, Migros is extending its social responsibility to other companies of the Migros Group. The development fund is financed with 10% of the dividends of individual Migros Group companies, including Denner, Globus, Migros Bank and Migrol. A total of CHF 9.8 million was made available in 2014, of which CHF 6.1 million was spent.

Sustainable development

In the area of sustainable development, Engagement Migros enables innovative pilot projects to get off the ground, such as developing alternatives to palm kernel oil in detergents. In addition, two projects relating to bee health were made possible in 2014: A Swiss beekeeping school was established, which is developing a range of Federal Diploma courses, and the project "Dokumentation Biene" was initiated, which collects practical knowledge about the health of wild bees and honey bees and makes it accessible to beekeepers, farmers and hobby gardeners.

Design promotion

The design promotion initiative launched in 2013 was further expanded in the year under review. Under the motto "A step towards the market", Engagement Migros helped designers to enter the market. Alongside "Mode Suisse" (fashion design) and the "Creative Hub" (product design), the first ever "Ludicious" festival (games design) and "Startup Weekend Creative Business" event were also supported.

Engagement Migros development fund (pdf, 14.27 KB)