Value Added Statement

Migros manages its available resources in a future-oriented and responsible way, guaranteeing the continued existence of the healthy Group companies as well as securing jobs. It also makes a considerable contribution to society.

Management at Migros is based on a clear concept of value creation. In addition, the added value generated in the retail and industry sector accomplishes many different goals and benefits stakeholders in a balanced way – in other words, the customers, staff, cooperative members, suppliers, society and the state. It also safeguards the future of the entire Migros Group.

In the reporting year, staff costs accounted for the lion's share of value added, with 73.5%. At the end of 2014, the retail and industry sector employed a total of 95'930 people. Personnel costs increased by 4.3%.

0.9% of added value took the form of interest payments to lenders. Interest costs were kept low by the Group's continued positive financial situation and the sustained low interest rate.

The voluntary funding provided to a broad section of the population (culture, education, leisure; sustainability, business and sports) as part of Migros Culture Percentage and the Engagement Migros development fund amounted to 1.7% in 2014 (previous year: 1.7).

Through taxes, customs duties and fees,CHF 1'060.9 million (or 14.6%) of the Migros Group's added value went towards the public sector, representing an increase of 2.7 in comparison to the previous year. Migros appreciates the excellent infrastructure provided by the state as well as other public services that it uses for its business activities.

9.3% (2013: 8.8%) of added value was retained as reasonable profit in 2014. Besides safeguarding the company's long-term future, this portion of added value secures jobs, guarantees innovation and ensures that customers benefit from products and services on favourable terms.

Value Added Statement (pdf, 13.95 KB)