Migros in Context

Our vision is "Migros – a better life every day". We want to be recognised as the Swiss company that is passionately committed to improving the quality of life of all of its customers. The management of the company is based on a clear concept of value creation.

In addition to its cooperative philosophy and its national and regional roots, the healthy development of the Migros Group is based on a fundamental duty: to serve the needs of its customers and all other stakeholders with professional passion and in a credible, performance-oriented and responsible way.

At the same time, Migros takes its environmental and social responsibility very seriously. The clear concept of value creation is the foundation from which the Group and the individual companies are managed. Through Migros' commitment to cultural and social projects, society also benefits from the economic success of the company.

Each year, Migros invests a proportion of the revenue generated in Cooperative Retailing into cultural and social projects and thereby enables the wider public to play a part in social issues. In 2014, Migros Culture Percentage put CHF 122.3 million into various projects in the areas of culture, society, education, leisure and business.

This commitment is further reinforced by the Migros Group's new, additional development fund Engagement Migros: In 2014, CHF 6.1 million went towards supporting further projects in the areas of culture, sustainability, business and sports.

Under the sustainable development programme Generation M, Migros is making a long-term commitment to protecting the environment, promoting informed consumption and interacting with society and its employees in a socially minded and exemplary way.

With Migros Culture Percentage, the Engagement Migros development fund and Generation M, Migros is continuously expanding its activities throughout the corporate group in the interest of a sustainable development throughout the corporate group.

Migros in Context (pdf, 13.18 KB)