Alexandra Burri & Christine Flury – from Research Lab to the Shelves


"Food is life." – "There should be enough for everyone in Switzerland."

Alexandra Burri & Christine Flury, Food Engineers

Food intolerances are on the rise. People who are unable to eat certain things can sometimes feel socially excluded. Migros is aiming to change this with the centre for gluten-free production, which caters specifically to the needs of allergy sufferers. The food engineers Alexandra Burri and Christine Flury both work in the laboratory of the Jowa production centre. By developing new recipes for gluten, lactose, nut and wheat-free bread, baked goods and pasta, they make an important contribution to Migros' vision of "A better life every day".

"Identifying, understanding and meeting the requirements of the Swiss population is part of our philosophy. We have therefore expanded our gluten-free production and are refining it continuously."

Walter Huber, Head of Industry & Wholesaling