Overview of Migros

Migros is the number one in the Swiss retail sector. We are proud of our cooperative philosophy, our regional roots and our total commitment to providing sustainable products and services. But Migros' business model also goes far beyond that.

Migros' diverse activities and close proximity to the customer make it a truly unique corporate Group. The Migros Group's business enterprises, of which there are more than 40, are divided into five strategic business units (SBUs):

  • Cooperative Retailing
  • Commerce
  • Industry & Wholesaling
  • Financial Services
  • Travel

The central Shared Services perform joint services for the entire Group. Each one of these six units is managed by a member of the Executive Board of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC).

The FMC coordinates the activities of Migros in the areas of procurement, logistics and purchasing, as well as initiating and supporting the formation and acquisition of participatory interests and subsidiary companies. It is also responsible for the Migros foundations and Migros Culture Percentage. The FMC Executive Board developed the detailed strategy of the entire Migros Group on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Migros is owned by more than two million members in the ten regional, legally independent cooperatives, which revolve around Cooperative Retailing in particular. The FMC, the regional Migros Cooperatives and their subsidiaries, and the Migros foundations together constitute the Migros Community, or simply Migros.


For its outstanding achievements as an ecologically and socially sustainable retailer, Migros won numerous awards in 2014:

  • M-Budget and Migros: Best Swiss Brands (Havas Worldwide Switzerland)
  • World's Most Sustainable Retailer (Oekom Research)
  • Retailer of the Year Switzerland (Q&A Research BV)
  • Most Reputable Swiss Company (GfK Business Reflektor)
  • Swiss Ethics Award (Swiss Excellence Forum)
  • Swiss Recycling Award (Swiss Recycling)

The Strategic Business Units

Cooperative Retailing


The ten regional Cooperatives form the backbone of Migros. They are managed independently, generate their own accounts and have full control over personnel and sales areas in their core business. Their primary tasks are selling goods and purchasing regional products.

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Migros owns several retailers that operate in various segments, including Globus, Denner, Migrolino, Migrol, Office World, m-way and sharoo. Schild became part of the Migros Group in 2014.

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Industry & Wholesaling


M-Industry includes 19 strong companies in Switzerland and six abroad. With more than 20'000 high-quality food and near-food products, it is one of the world's largest producers of own-brand products.

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Financial Services


With a balance sheet total exceeding CHF 40 billion, and more than 1500 employees, Migros Bank is one of Switzerland's leading banks. It pursues a responsible business policy for the benefit of around 830'000 customers.

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The Hotelplan Group is the international tour operator within the Migros Group. In addition to the Hotelplan country subsidiaries in Switzerland, England and Italy, it includes the holiday home agencies Interhome Group and Inter Chalet, the online travel agency Travelwindow, as well as BTA First Travel AG.

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Shared Services


Shared Services combine the competence centres in the areas of logistics, IT, transport, sustainability/environment, planning/expansion and quality assurance, providing services to the entire Migros Group.

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