In the 2013/2014 financial year, the Hotelplan Group achieved sales of CHF 1.32 billion, up 17.0% on the previous year. Hotelplan Suisse, the Interhome Group and Hotelplan UK made a considerable contribution towards the organic growth.




CHF million 2013 2014 Change compared to previous year
Net sales revenue from goods and services sold 1'130.4 1'322.2 17.0%
Other operating income 10.0 15.3 53.0%
Total income 1'140.4 1'337.5 17.3%
Operating profit before effect from pension plans (EBIT) -4.0 9.9 347.5%
Segment assets 197.7 173.6 -12.2%
Investments in long-term assets 5.2 6.5 25.0%
Workforce {(annual average) 2'566 2'704 5.4%


Sales increased by 17.0% to CHF 1.32 billion (2013: CHF 1.13 billion). The lion's share of the increase (CHF 152.5 million) can be attributed to the full consolidation of Inter Chalet Ferienhaus GmbH, acquired on 1 November 2013. The Group result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of CHF 36.5 million (2013: CHF 14.2 million) was more than doubled. EBITA was CHF 26.6 million (2013: CHF 3.6 million), with EBIT at CHF 10.3 million (2013: CHF -3.6 million).

Encouraging business in Switzerland

The Swiss subsidiary Hotelplan Suisse generated invoiced sales of CHF 550.5 million in the reporting year, representing an increase of 4.6% over the previous year. On the back of excellent sales in autumn, Hotelplan Suisse achieved an encouraging EBITDA result of CHF 14.8 million (2013: CHF 9.5 million). EBITA was CHF 12.5 million (2013: CHF 7.1 million).

For the online travel agency Travelwindow Group, which includes and, the last financial year was dominated by the implementation of the new booking platform. The result therefore remained at the previous year's level, as expected. EBITA was down by CHF 0.2 million (2013: CHF 0.0 million).

Excellent results by the Holiday Home Division

The holiday home agency Interhome Group improved its operating performance significantly over the previous year, achieving a considerably higher EBITDA of CHF 5.3 million (2013: CHF 2.8 million). The increase in sales of 4.7% to CHF 191.4 million can be attributed in particular to the increase in B2B business and the positive development of partnerships.

In its first full year as part of the Hotelplan Group, Inter Chalet Ferienhaus GmbH generated sales of EUR 125.3 million, resulting in an EBITDA of EUR 6.2 million and an EBITA of EUR 5.9 million.

Good results abroad

Despite months of flooding in the south of England at the start of 2014, Hotelplan UK managed to increase its sales to GBP 204.5 million, an increase of 4.0% over the previous year. EBITDA was GBP 5.2 million (2013: GBP 5.7 million), with EBITA at GBP 4.7 million (2013: GBP 5.3 million).

After completion of the restructuring efforts in 2013, Hotelplan Italia now has a smaller but more concentrated product portfolio. The results of the restructuring were felt for the first time in the 2014 financial year. At EUR 67.3 million, sales were 11.2% lower than the previous year. Overall, this resulted in a negative EBITDA of EUR -1.6 million, which corresponds to an improvement of EUR 5.0 million over the previous year. The EBITA figure improved by EUR 5.6 million to EUR -1.9 million.

Sustainability activities pay dividends

Hotelplan Suisse also finished the reporting year on a positive note with regard to its activities in the areas of climate protection, child protection and sustainable accommodation. In the area of climate protection, the number of offset tonnes of CO2 emissions increased by a total of 54% over the previous year. In addition, Hotelplan Suisse received an award from myclimate for its exemplary integration of CO2 offsetting into the customer consultation process.

The tour operator remained committed to its long-term child-protection project by continuing to offer internal courses in this area. In addition, the range of sustainable accommodation was increased by 62% over the previous year. Last but not least, information about Hotelplan Suisse's commitment to sustainability was republished on the website of Hotelplan and the structure of the content was redefined. As part of these restructuring measures, two new sustainability projects were initiated for a planned duration of three years.

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